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Periodontal disease (gum disease) is the most prevelant disease occuring in dogs and cats. Gum disease is an infection resulting from build-up of soft dental plaque on the surfaces of the teeth around the gums. The bacteria in dental plaque irritates the gum tissue if plaque is allowed to accumulate, which often leads to infection in the bone surrounding the teeth. Hard dental tarter (calculus) consist of calicum salts from saliva deposited on plaque. Tarter starts to form within a few days on a tooth's surface that is not kept clean, and provides a rough surface that enhances further plaque accumulation. Once it has begun to grow in thickness, tarter is difficult to remove without dental instruments. Periodontal disease can be as mild as halitosis (bad breath) or can be severe enough to cause damage to the heart muscle, kidneys, and liver. The gums become irritated which can lead to the gums bleeding and oral pain. Pets will often stop eating at this stage, or drop food from their mouth while eating. The roots may become so severly infected that the teeth become loose and start falling out. Bacteria surrounding the roots can also enter the blood stream, called bacteremia.  Bacteria in the blood stream can travel straight to the heart, liver and kidneys.  At this point dental disease can become life threatening.  We highly recommend an examination with your veterinarians before scheduling a dental procedure.  Just like in human dentistry, your pet may require antibiotics before undergoing surgery.  Your veterinarian will be able to assess the extent of disease and make the best recommendation for your pets health.  

**Remember that February and September are our discounted Dental Months.**

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